Votives ~ Votive Candles

PartyLite Votive Candles come in boxes of 6 Votives. 1/2 Dozen per box. Per PartyLite, each votive has an approximate burn time of 8-11 hours.

Each uniquely shaped votive candle, made with highly fragrant colored wax, contains a removable cotton wick (see multiple purposes below) attached to metal clip on bottom of candle. PartyLite votives "liquify" when burning and solidify when extinguished for next use. This feature enhances the viewing pleasure of the candles especially when used in clear glass votive holders. 

I have a variety of at least 40 scents for you to select from. I have many retired hard to find fragrances as well as scents currently available from Vendor. Please ask If you do not see a scent you are looking for, in any wax form. I have scents for use year round, some to remind you of a favorite place, a time of year, or a special holiday. Some are even used as great odor eliminators.

In my opinion, the PartyLite Votive Candle is the most economical candle on the market ~ after the PartyLite Large 3-Wick Pillar Candles which have been out of production and are REALLY hard to find!


For BEST results when using a Tulip Votive Cup, as in the Frosted Stemmed Trio, remove the wick keeping metal clip attached and re-insert in though bell-shaped top of candle and insert into tulip shaped glass cup bell-side down.  This allows for best burning in odd shaped cups and easy cleanup. When candle wax is completely used the only thing remaining in the Glass cup should be the Metal Clip, which can be carefully "popped" out leaving  a clean candle holder with no wax residue on sides, ready for next candle!

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