Collectible Party Favor Mini Product Key Chains Keychains Magnets ETC.

All those items you can only get while attending a Home TW Party are now here for your picking! A huge array of Collectible items from mini versions of products in the form of Keychains and Magnets, such as That's A Bowl, Essentials Bowls, Shape-O-Toys, Quick Shake Containers, Eco Tumblers, Spatula, Ice Cream Scoops, Impressions Pitchers, CrystalWave, TW, and more.  Then there are those rare Novelty items also never sold in a catalog such as Smidgets, Pill Keepers, Mini Strainers, Funnels, Graters, and Spatulas, Large Hershey Kiss Shaped Funnels, Tea Time Tea Bag Squeezers, 101 Use Citrus Peelers, Open House & Classic Canister Scoops, and much more!

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