Previous Home Party Consultant Displayed or Demo Products ~ Rare Collectibles

I do not sell damaged or defective items.  All items in this collection / category in my store are in Excellent Condition - most Like-New, but I cannot and would never sell as BRAND NEW IN BOX since in some cases...I do not have the items original box.

Items found here will be described in detail to the best of my ability, with photos of the exact item being sold. I encourage potential customers to ask any questions prior to purchase so there is no miscommunication or unmet expectations.

I also do my best to locate specific pieces you may be looking to for in the area of products currently sold here at Plastic Glass and Wax!

Most items in this section are from companies either no longer in business or no longer producing or manufacturing certain patterns or collections.  You will find rare and hard to locate items across a wide varieties of categories, from Stoneware, Pottery, & Flatware Collections, parts for original high quality plastic & acrylic Tupperware pieces no longer available to be replaced by vendor, as well as many discontinued highly scented wax candles (in all forms) and accessories from well know and respected retailers and Home Party Sales organizations.  

As always, never hesitate to ask if looking for something in particular. I have developed and maintained a wide network of former Consultants and have much success in finding items for customers over the years.


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